Amber Project is an NGO for the human development, committed with the Africa's most poor people. This project was started by a group of activist, since 2014 with a lot of energy and determination to try to help heal the world.
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Know more about our Initiative "Safe Haven Center in Nqamakwe"

ribbon-icon-sqWho We Serve

Amber Project is a human development NGO committed to the most disadvantaged people of Africa which started in Spain, since 2014. We are an humanist organization  that works to eradicate inequalities and mobilize consciences, while involves the people in their own change. Solidarity is not only based on direct work with the neediest communities, also lies in the awareness of the society. Learn More

globe-icon-sqMake the Change

If you wish to work like volunteer of sporadic or permanent way send us a message to Contact. Your choose the hours, the days  and the period of time that wish to work. 

You can collaborate in this project in the following ways. Learn More

info-icon-sqAmber Initiatives

Our project is composed by different initiatives for to develop our purposes in Africa and the construction of an RBE, the initiatives are:
"Many small people in many small places, doing many small things, are Transforming the World"
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